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Tai Chi is such a Chinese culture treasure which have been drawn thousands of thousands people’s energy and passion through past to present…. Tai Chi involves gentle movement which requires deep strength and lower posture while moving. It improves circulation, balance, increases strength and flexibility. It reaches deep inside to benefit both body and mind. Time Magazine has valued it as the perfect exercise for relaxation and named it ‘Moving meditation’ 

Indy Tai Chi Fitness Club is a not-for-profit group operational independently under ICPAI.

The mission of the club is to promote health and wellness in the community. They also spread knowledge of Chinese culture and promote education in diversity. Members who have moved from other states have expressed their deep appreciation for a free Tai Chi club in the Indianapolis community. All members including instructors are amateurs.

Hong Du (Faith) founded this club in 2004. The club is large since then, members from metro Indianapolis area include Avon, Kokomo, Carmel, Fisher, zionsville。The practice includes 24 forms and 48 forms, fan, Zhangzhuang and Yoga and other style like Badun Jin. The members gathering together to practice Tai Chi every Saturday, share their passions, insights and experiences....The club performs once or twice annually in some local cultural events.

The famous world Tai Chi master Sitan Chen (Tai Chi prince) and Jiamin Gao (Tai Chi Queen) have been invited to the club for workshops.

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