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ICPAI Mission Statement

ICPAI is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit performing art organization established in 2004. The organization currently has five functional groups and over 150 active members. ICPAI's missions are:


  • To organize and prepare Chinese performing/fine arts and culture diversity related performance, exhibitions, fairs, shows, and activities in central Indiana area;

  • To promote traditional Chinese Taichi and related performing arts;

  • To introduce cross-cultural arts and shows to the public;

  • To promote the learning of the performing/fine arts by organizing classes and activities for all age groups;

  • To perform all other acts necessary or incidental to the above stated purposes which are authorized and permitted under the Act.

Miles Stones:

2003 – Show Group as a lady’s club

2004 – Filed for nonprofit registration application

2005 – 501(C)(3) established as ICPAI

2005 – Show and Taiji Groups

2007 – Little Flower Group

2012 – NewGen

2015 - Angel

2016 - Drum-Lion

2017 ICPAI Functional Groups


  1. ICPAI Angel Group 天使舞蹈队

  2. ICPAI Tai Chi Group 两仪太极队

  3. ICPAI Little Flower Group 小红花队

  4. ICPAI NewGen Group 青少年队

  5. ICPAI Drum/Lion Group 鼓狮队

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